The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) started a national challenge to come up with a solution for a National Patient ID system. CHIME is the professional organization for Chief Information Officers and other senior healthcare IT leaders in the US.

The Challenge:

Ensure 100% accuracy of every patient’s health info to reduce preventable medical errors and eliminate unnecessary hospital costs/resources.

Source: CHIME National Patient ID Challenge

We have the same set of challenges and problems here in the Philippines. Many hospital IT systems contain multiple instances of the same patient, e.g. Mike Muin, Michael Muin.

Some Asian countries, e.g. Singapore and Malaysia, have a National ID system. This helps keep distinct and manageable patient identities inside electronic medical records. Citizens use their national IDs while foreigners use their passports.

In the Philippines, because we don’t have a National ID system, solutions focus more on mitigation and cure. We rely on matching algorithms and patient merging techniques to manage multiple patient identities inside IT systems.

If we were to use a National Patient ID system, what should it be? PhilHealth? SSS? Phone numbers?

Should we have our own national challenge?


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